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WiFi & Electronic Devices Policy


High Point R-3 School District provides WiFi access to all members of High Point School and guests. All traffic on campus only* is monitored and recorded. App usage is also tracked. Usage requires that a security certificate is installed on your device.

*Even after adding the certificate once you leave High Point R-3's wifi we have no access/monitoring to your device. This only effects your device on our wifi.

Connection Instructions:

Connect to HPSGuest

You will be redirected to install a certificate if you have not already done so.

You may also be prompted to sign in with your @highpointr3.com account in a browser if you have one.

**Please Note our Cell Phones/Electronic Devices Policy**

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Improved cell phone technology allows for enhanced communication opportunities. However, the use of cell phones in schools poses increasing risks of school disruptions, bullying, criminal activity, and academic dishonesty. As a result, student cell phones will be banned from use from 7:20-3:30, as well as in dressing areas during extracurricular activities.

Electronic devices such as tablets, iPad, iPod, laser pointers, PDAs, etc. may not be used or displayed during the school day. Abuse of this guideline will result in confiscation and or disciplinary action. E-readers and tablet computers are exempt from this policy with the teachers’ permission and is being used for academic purposes. Electronics are a part of our society and are a privilege to possess. Please do not abuse this privilege.

Students who violate this policy will receive a verbal warning for their first offense and will have the phone/electronic device confiscated. A second violation of this policy will result in an office referral.

Phones and electronic devices will be confiscated for each offense and may only be retrieved by a parent/guardian from the building principal.